Is your city expensive?

Portugal is arguably the most affordable Western European country. For expats coming from countries like Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Germany and even Spain, the cost of living will feel much lower. International products, electronic devices, luxury goods and supermarket prices are on par with what you would find in other Western European cities. However, local food, recreational activities, transportation and services are much cheaper.
For residents living on their own, accommodation in Lisbon is in most cases the largest monthly expense. Depending on your purchasing and saving habits, with your salary and performance-based bonuses, you can feel at ease in the city and enjoy a great quality of life.
Here you can settle in a very active lifestyle. Start by taking in the beauty of the city from the numerous vantage points – there is a good reason Lisbon is nicknamed ‘The City of the 7 Hills’ (or 8, depending on whom you ask). Then go explore the nearby blue-flag beaches with the softest sands and best surf spots in Europe. Have we mentioned the lush verdant gardens and parks that feel like tropical forests?