Trust & Safety. Protecting your customers is our business.

Trust and safety are the twin currencies that drive customer loyalty and brand reputation. A complete solution powered by smart technology and even smarter people is essential. Whether safeguarding your customers from harmful content online or preventing digital fraud and theft, it should feel like a seamless extension of your brand.

Creating a leading Trust & Safety offering

Your customers are increasingly exposed to online risks every day. And they expect you to develop solutions to keep them safe from harm.

If consumers don’t trust you to protect them from scams and inappropriate or misleading content, they’ll spend their time and money elsewhere. Get it right, and they’re more likely to be advocates of your brand, spending more and telling their friends.

Your success online depends on your ability to offer an optimized user experience by succeeding users’ and regulators’ expectations.

While much of this can be automated with AI and machine learning, human moderation is required to understand the evolution of language and cultural nuances. A hybrid trust and safety team builds and preserves confidence in your brand by ensuring that your online platform is a fair and secure place for your users to visit and interact.

And while our moderators look after your users, we look after our moderators. Having partnered with SGS, a leading certification company, to develop the WellComo label that demonstrates how well businesses are protecting the wellbeing of their content moderation colleagues. We’re also proud to be the first outsourcer to join the Trust & Safety Professional Association, committed to making the internet a safer place for everyone.

Online Trust & Safety solutions

Content Moderation & Relevance

Safeguard your customers and brand reputation while providing a frictionless, high-quality user experience with robust screening protocols to moderate user generated content across digital platforms and websites.

Fraud Prevention & ID Check

Protect customers across all industries from fraudulent activity with a streamlined end-to-end onboarding solution for users and sellers. Online ID verification and document checks ensure a seamless and secure experience.

Community Safety

Manage online reputation and mitigate risks associated with user interactions by implementing effective community and conduct moderation measures to ensure a secure and positive online environment for your users.

Outsourced Trust & Safety. Designed, delivered and optimized.

Our end-to-end partnerships, fueled by AI, data and analytics, mean we're continuously learning, innovating, and improving together. Combined with our talented advisors, you get an operation that feels like a seamless extension of your team, not an add-on to your business.

This personalized approach means your customers will always feel valued and heard, resulting in higher retention rates and repeat business.

Mastering the brief

We’re industry experts who know your sector and the challenges you're facing. Trust us to have the energy, skills and experience to solve them.

The best fit for you

We attract, retain, and develop the right people wherever they are, so you get the perfect balance between cost, performance and quality.

Multilingual talent at your fingertips

Provide the best quality customer experience at the optimum price using a blend of multilingual hubs and machine translation.

24/7 support wherever you need it

Support your customers around the clock using an agile best-shoring approach that seamlessly combines onsite, hybrid, and virtual operations.

Global consistency, local presence

Be where your customers are. WoWOS is our technology-enabled framework that delivers global consistency and quality, infused with local culture.

Leave the competition behind

You'll get a competitive advantage through our selection and deployment of the latest proprietary technology and partner solutions.

Trusted by the world's most exciting brands

Our work with clients spans segments, industries and geographies. Combining sector-specific and technical expertise, we bring depth and breadth of experience to every project.

At Webhelp, the human touch is everywhere.

Access the right combination of talent and technology. Start your transformational growth today.

People first

It’s our strong belief that everyone’s at their best when they feel happy, valued, and inspired. We are passionate about putting our people first and designing initiatives that encourage them to enjoy every day.

Client at the heart

Our business is all about creating unforgettable experiences and long-lasting impressions. We always put you and your customers at the heart of everything we do.

Passionate game-changers

We are driven by an entrepreneurial mindset, focused on future-proofing your business and creating the best journey ahead. We’ll always treat your business as our own, and put ourselves in your shoes to go the extra mile.

Strive to enjoy every day

And last but not least, we strive to enjoy every day, as we truly believe that bringing fun to work makes work fun.

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Always consultative, entrepreneurial, data-driven, and customer-centric. We combine sector expertise alongside disruptive technologies with the talents of Webhelpers in over 70 countries. Creating solutions tailor-made to grow your business across the globe.

Our approach gets results (and awards)

We focus on the results we deliver and the value we create. We're always proud when that work is recognized by our clients, industry experts, and leading analysts.

Webhelp has expanded its delivery presence in LATAM, EMEA, and APAC and has invested in augmenting its proprietary tools (such as Proteus and Moderatus), which are leveraged by moderators for non-egregious content moderation. These are some of the factors that have contributed to Webhelp strengthening its positioning as a Major Contender and being recognized as a Star Performer.

Everest Group Trust and Safety – Content Moderation Services PEAK Matrix® 2022


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