Your life in a fascinating city

Lisbon is a place that will make you feel at home and like a true explorer. In a city imbued with rich history that combines urban sophistication and technology, you’ll find a community you can belong to.

Experience the diverse food scene and try out all our authentic dishes with your new friends. Then burn some calories by exploring the stunning Atlantic coastline with sandy beaches and dramatic scenery worthy of Hollywood sets.

Immersing in Lisbon’s culture is what newcomers love the most. In the more traditional neighbourhoods, you can find the well-known and acclaimed fado houses. This is a genre of music characterized by saudade – a word that cannot be translated into English, but it refers to a melancholic and bittersweet profound feeling.

And you if love urban art, you will quickly discover that the streets and walls of the city serve as the perfect canvas for varied artistic styles and messages. That’s because freedom of expression in any form is a strong pillar of our city culture.

Oh, yes, Lisbon is also the capital with the best weather in Europe!

Working in Lisbon

Our city has become a dream hub for many expats, students and digital nomads. With a strong foreign investment in tourism, services and tech, companies like Webhelp can bring more talent in the city from other regions of Portugal as well as other countries.

You’ll work in a dynamic place where colleagues thrive on helping each other and spending quality time together. Epic corporate events, even with DJs, are also an occasional treat. Transportation and infrastructure are great, so commuting is a hassle-free experience.

Opportunities for you in Lisbon

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