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Local relationships in a global market

In just a few years, the French company Webhelp has become an international leader in customer service outsourcing.
Our teams take care of customer relations for leading companies in several industries. Although our significant evolution, the startup spirit still guides our vision of innovation and our agile, collaborative, and proactive operations.













Human ties from coast to coast

Webhelp is now present in Canada, with the opening of its first office in Montreal.

relations de confiance durables entre les marques et les gens

Creating lasting relationships of trust between brands and people

In business jargon, some people say that Webhelp does “Customer Experience Management” or “Process Outsourcing”. We simply prefer to say that we manage the routine, non-strategic, yet essential business interactions of Canadian companies that place customer service quality at the top of their priorities.

The more a brand adopts a “customer first” approach, the more it benefits from maintaining a close relationship with the customer at all times. A better understanding of each customer in an intimate and precise manner, facilitates collaboration of respectful and personalized exchanges. In the long term, loyalty is a very fragile and precious, especially when everything is accessible with a single click.

Cover all points of contact

Webhelp’s comprehensive offer perfectly covers all points of contact between a client and a brand – both before, during, and after a transaction. Whether it is for loyalty or claims management, technical support, analytics, or automation services, we handle millions of customer-brand interactions on a daily basis via multiple channels (telephone, email, social media, chat, etc.).

When speech is gold, revenue is silver

Webhelp’s team manages to develop enriching conversations with clients’ customers, while simultaneously maintaining focus on business results.
Because we align ourselves precisely with our partners’ business challenges, we always aim to exceed expectations by developing long-term relationships based on value creation.
By placing a great deal of trust and freedom of movement in us, our business partners realize significant savings in terms of finances, resource requirements, work time, and above all, they remain focused on their core activities and higher value-added tasks.

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Technology with a human face

By moving to Montreal to expand its roots across Canada, Webhelp knew that it could greatly benefit from the innovative character of this city, which is recognized as one of the world’s leading capitals of artificial intelligence, games and digital technologies.
Our growth goes hand in hand with our ability to seamlessly integrate solutions such as bots, data analysis, voice analysis and other future technologies that are changing the way people work and communicate.
Webhelp sees the adoption of innovation as a strong opportunity to bring added value to our customers. The technologies we use do not replace the human relationships we provide, they enrich them with a better memory of past interactions – a finer understanding of needs, and 24/7 multi-platform exchanges that adapt to customer mobility.

Smiling and caring human faces

For Webhelp, the emotional intelligence of its human capital is as important as its professional expertise. Because our agents are the guardians of our business partners’ customer relationships, we make sure we employ people who love people. To generate enriching human interactions and memorable brand experiences, our world is at the heart of everything we do.
Webhelp attracts the best talent from around the world, offers cutting-edge training, coaches them respectfully in human-scale environments, and provides the most generous working conditions.

Our diverse portfolio
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Smiling and caring human faces

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