Privacy Policies – BCRs

1 – BCRs / Global Privacy Policy (Controller & Processor)

Following the Webhelp & Concentrix transaction, please note that the scope of the present has not been modified and these BCRs are still valid and active. The BCRs are applicable to the existing Webhelp Affiliates under Webhelp SAS acting as European Lead Entity, and listed in Appendix 01 of the present BCRs.

We believe that protecting Personal Data is not only a matter of security or compliance with a particular legal framework. It is a matter of individual and organisational commitment. Our group standards when processing personal data are described in our Binding Corporate Rules (“BCRs”) which also constitutes our Global Privacy Policy. Through these BCRs we intend to share and specify the detail and the principles applicable to all Group Affiliate and provide certain group-wide standards allowing the implementation of the BCRs

Note that in the course of its activities, we may process the Personal Data on as Controller (i.e., for our own interest and purposes) or on behalf as Processor (for instance when acting for our Clients) ).

Hence, the Group has adopted both BCRs for Processor activities and BCRs for Controller activities. Whatever our role (Controller or Processor), we committed to implement appropriate technical, physical and administrative measures and controls. Such controls shall ensure that the whole organisation is Processing Personal Data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016-679 (“GDPR”) and in a consistent manner, disregarding the nature and/or place of Processing.

2 – Regional / Local specific Privacy Policy

For specific Region, the additional Privacy Policies available below shall supplement Webhelp BCRs / Global Privacy Policy. Furthermore, the Group may make available specific, local or sectorial policies.

As the BCRs aim at ensuring an adequate and consistent approach throughout the entire the group regarding Personal Data Processing, exceptions which could result from applicable legislations are not reflected in this BCRs. You will find some specific documentation supplementing the BCR below.

4 – Make a Privacy Request

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